SustainaPulp Canada Will Be North America's Premier Source of Non-wood Equivalent Short and Long Fiber Bleached Pulps for Paper Making

The Essence of Sustainability 

Paper products are made almost entirely of cellulose fiber that is gotten from the trunks of trees, and every year mankind cuts down billions of trees to harvest this fiber. Every year mankind also produces millions of tons of straw with the cultivation of cereal grains and oil seed flax. This straw is made of the very same cellulose fiber as trees, but we generally throw it away or burn it as a waste agricultural biomass. The ultimate in sustainability would be if we could make paper from the fiber of the straw that we now throw away... and not cut down as many trees. That is exactly what SustainaPulp is all about, non-wood or Tree-Free pulp for paper making.

Ultra-clean, Highly Efficient EcoMills 

SustainaPulp Canada will build a series of ultra-clean EcoMills in western Canada to produce bleached, non-wood equivalent short and long fiber market pulps for the paper making industry. Using only cereal grain and flax straw for fiber input, pulp products will be dried so that they can be shipped anywhere in the world. Each SustainaPulp Canada mill will also feature an advanced bio-refinery that will capture and condition for shipment and use the high value process by-products lignin and hemi-cellulose C5 (xylose) sugars. About 80% of the volume of straw biomass input will be recovered as paper pulp, lignin, and sugars...the ultimate in sustainability! 

A Proven  Technology Makes it All Possible

Making it all possible is a proven, agricultural biomass pulping technology developed and used in India for over twenty years.  Not using sulfur to pulp or chlorine to bleach, this process allows for the cost-effective production of bleached non-wood equivalents to short and long fiber paper pulps without material polluting air or water effluents...  all this while using a fraction the amount of energy and water per unit volume of pulp output as a standard Kraft pulp mill. Pulp products made using this process meet industry specification standards associated with wood fiber derived short and long fiber pulps used in most recipes for tissues and toweling and packaging papers.

Each SustainaPulp mill will provide ag biomass derived fiber equivalent in volume to that produced by about
1.5 million trees.