SustainaPulp is  developing advanced non-wood cellulose fiber pulps for paper making and molded natural fiber products  

The Essence of Sustainability 

Paper products are made almost entirely of cellulose fiber that is gotten from the trunks of trees, and every year mankind cuts down billions of trees to harvest this fiber. Every year mankind also produces millions of tons of straw with the cultivation of cereal grains and oil seed flax. This straw is made of a very similar cellulose fiber as from trees, but we generally don't consider it for use in paper making. The ultimate in sustainability would be if we could make paper from the fiber of the straw that grows in abundance every year.. and not cut down as many trees.  SustainaPulp is all about, non-wood or Tree-Free pulp for paper making.

Developing the right fiber for the application 

Proven  Technology Makes it All Possible

Paper making from tree-sourced fiber pulps is a highly developed science.  All of the various paper types made today are designed using the physical characteristics of the fibers from the genus and species of the woody plant from which they are derived and the method by which the fibers are pulped, bleached, and dried.  Any alternative fiber that is meant to be introduced into a paper maker's existing fiber recipe must meet the physical and performance criteria needed for that recipe.  This is the reasoning behind  SustainaPulp's  dedication to creating fiber pulps from non-wood agricultural biomasses such as wheat and flax straw that when bleached and dried will fit seamlessly into paper makers' existing recipes and processes to make their products.

There are various long proven technologies for pulping, bleaching, and drying non-wood alternative fiber from agricultural biomasses such as wheat and flax straw.  The challenge is in finding the right combination and configuration of these ways to make fibers with morphology profiles that are readily integrated into paper makers' recipes and processes.  SustainaPulp will develop alternative fiber pulp bleach/dry manufacturing facilities to satisfy paper makers who wish to add non-wood fiber to their paper recipes. We will tailor these facilities to produce exactly the right fiber at the right price to economically enhance the sustainability of the paper maker's fiber supply chain. 

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