Today's consumer knows that the natural environment is drowning in discarded single-use consumer plastics, particularly food service containers and tableware made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) plastic, often referred to as "styrofoam."  The best solution to the EPS pollution problem is to make food service clamshells, trays, bowls, plates, and cups instead out of compostable, natural, non-wood agricultural fiber... eliminating the problem altogether without cutting down any trees...just what the consumer wants.

Today, most of the natural fiber food service containers and tableware used in North America come from Asia, but bringing such a low value, high bulk, lightweight product halfway around the world is too logistically and economically challenging to address the potential of this market.  North America needs to initiate major production capacity for natural ag-fiber formed food service products to offset the tens of billions of EPS foam products that are being shunned by people and governments all across the continent.  This is what SustainaPac is all about.

SustainaPac will be a "white label" producer of food service containers and tableware, offering its capacity to existing producers and marketers of these items who wish to enter or expand their presence in the natural fiber, compostable based products market segment.  Marketers of SustainaPac products will also be able to respond to consumer preference for non-paper  replacements for plastics...products that do not require trees to be cut down.  Formed, natural ag-fiber from wheat straw is the most sustainable solution to the single use EPS plastics problem that one can imagine. 


SustainaPac food service containers and tableware will be made from pure wheat straw fiber grown on the northern plains of North America.  Wheat straw fiber is ideal because it is abundant and economical to gather, it makes a strong molded product at optimal wall thickness, and it does not need to be bleached but rather naturally creates a pleasing golden material to which consumers relate instinctively.  Just as the ecology consumer prefers light brown natural sugar rather than refined white sugar, an unbleached fiber with a natural golden color is preferred. 

SustainaPac food service containers and tableware will not employ fluorine chemicals, known as per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS'), to achieve required impermiability to water based liquids and oils and greases.  PFAS' found in most natural fiber containers today survive the composting process and enter the natural environment and ultimately the food chain to great detriment.  Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of PFAS' getting into the environment and are resisting products made with them.  All natural SustainaPac containers and tableware will not have this issue.  

SustainaPac's high efficiency wheat straw pulping  and thermoforming processes will produce natural fiber food service containers and tableware at pricing to the industry that will allow existing producers and marketers to profitably work through existing channels of distribution.  Made right in the center of the North American market, SustainaPac products will also avoid the high cost of importation for marketers.

SustainaPulp Canada will build a  state-of-the-art 330 million piece/year SustainaPacâ„¢ integrated wheat straw pulp mill and thermoforming plant to make non-wood fiber based, compostable food service containers and tableware for the North American market

Wheat straw fiber without PFAS' make the ideal natural product

Responding to the consumers' desire for a sustainable future